Get to know me meme {1/5 current celebrity crushes}

“A fan base is kind of fun and exciting. It means people are invested emotionally. But, and everyone probably says this – you can’t buy into the hype because then you’re fucked. Also, I’m a big believer of it’s not something till it’s something. You know? There’s no guarantee of anything.”

Despite the depravity I see in Dauntless, though, I could not leave it. It isn’t only because the thought of living factionless, in complete isolation, sounds like a fate worse than death. It is because, in the brief moments that I have loved it here, I saw a faction worth saving. Maybe we can become brave and honorable again.

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Sexual Tension 

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"They call it DIVERGENT.”

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by the time I was doing shit, my parents were like, you can do whatever the fuck you want.

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